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Bonus Sets Guide
What are Bonus Sets and HOW do I get access to them??

Bonus Sets are our free session add ons! They are an excellent way to spice up your session and add something totally unique to it.

All of our Bonus Sets are specially curated for our studio space and you won't find anything else like them! 

 You gain access to our Bonus Sets by Pre Purchasing any of our Collections. To Pre Purchase, you can pay in full at any point from the date you booked your session up until 30 days prior to the actual shoot date, or you can also set up a Pre Session Payment Plan. As long as the balance in full is paid no later than 30 days prior to your session, you are able to redeem the corresponding bonus sets! 


We offer a variety of Bonus Set options to choose from so that you can fully customize your shoot with us, and if you are repeat client you can have more options to diversify each of your sessions with us. These Bonus Sets are going to make your experience even more luxurious!

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