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How To Prepare For Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

A boudoir session with Petra Novak Boudoir is unlike any photo session you have ever done before. It requires a little bit of preparation to ensure you feel great, look great and are happy with your photos. I want you to be comfortable and prepared leading up to your session date so below are some tips on how to prepare for your boudoir session.


  • Treat yourself to some new lingerie and head out to your favorite store. Choose a few different styles and colors to switch things up. Keep in mind what looks good on your body type. I would recommend choosing 2-3 outfits but generally my ladies bring around 4-6 and we narrow it down in my residential studio in Waco, TX. Make sure everything is new or has had minimal wear. Don’t wear any of your old bras as they tend to get discolored over time and have frayed edges that won’t look good in photos.

  • Plan out what you are going to wear ahead of time so you are not stressing about it the week or day before. Try on your outfits a few days after you buy them to make sure you still love them and don’t need to go exchange them.

  • Something of his is a great touch to your photos if you are doing your session as a gift for your groom or your significant other. Items such as his dog tags, professional uniform, hats, button ups, etc. make for great additions to your shoot and make it personal to him!

  • Accessorize with pearls, diamonds, lace – having some sparkle or some glam adds depth and an added touch to your session.

  • Remember non-lingerie items – sheer night dress, oversized t-shirt, large sweater, favorite pair of jeans – these are all things that look great by themselves that also are personal to you.

  • High heels aren't necessary. High heels make your legs longer and look great in pictures, but if you aren't comfortable wearing them - you don't have to have them for your shoot.


  • Wax a good five days before your session to avoid red bumps and irritation.

  • Get your hair cut and colored

  • Get a mani and pedi

  • Drink plenty of water so that you are hydrated. This will ensure your skin is flawless and will help with bloating.

  • Avoid bloating by staying away from salty foods, fried foods, alcohol and anything that is too processed.

  • Play dress up with your outfits to make sure you are still confident with how you look and feel in them.

  • Stay out of the sun! Tan lines and sun burns do not translate well. Even skin tons are key for your session and you don’t have to be tan! 

  • Avoid spray tanning at all cost!


  • Moisturize and shave

  • Get plenty of sleep

  • Organize and pack


  • Wear loose fitting clothing like yoga pants or sweats. Don’t wear anything tight fitting that will leave stress marks on your body (ie jeans). Wear loose fitting shirt and either a sports bra or a tank top with a built in bra.

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. If you are getting your hair and makeup done give ample time for that because it always runs late!

  • Wear clear deodorant. You don’t want white getting on your clothes or having white underarms.

  • Eat something light. I know it’s hard when you want to feel your skinniest but being hungry during your session is worse! It gives you low energy and makes you look tired. You will also tire out faster and crash by the end of your session. A boudoir session is hard work! You need to eat something, even if it’s just a handful of nuts or an energy bar.

  • Put yourself outside of your comfort zone. Many people think they will be entirely covered up during their session – and that’s okay if you want to go that route! But once the session gets going, many ladies start to have fun and get a little more daring! It’s all up to you how much you want to show but I highly recommend pushing your comfort level because there is no one to judge you. Regardless of how much you decide to show or not show, it’s all about creating sexy and classy photos  and many of the best ones come when you let your guard down!

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – Relax and take a deep breath! It’s okay to feel a little nervous before your session but please don’t worry – you are in good hands!

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