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I finally looked at an image of myself and saw the person I have been searching for!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Ok ladies...let me start with an apology for the long post...but it’s just not possible to tell you about my experience in fewer words. You just wouldn’t understand the bigger picture, so here goes it... I can’t say enough good things about Petra! Seriously, when I look in the mirror, I don’t really see a beautiful, vibrant, fun person...the person I used to be. I typically see a tired, disappointed person desperately seeking a small glimpse of the person I, now let me tell you about my experience with Petra.

Leading up to the shoot, Petra and I talked many times about my insecurities. She helped me search for and select outfits that would achieve the look I was seeking yet still be flattering and not accentuate my “trouble” spots. She was always quick to respond, easy to chat with and truly cared about what I wanted. We talked extensively...because this was a very abnormal thing for me to do.

The day of the shoot I took my daughter with me (don’t fret, she’s 27!) who has also worked with Petra. I needed someone with me to help break the ice because I struggle in situations that are outside my comfort zone. Petra and her glam squad showered me with drinks and snacks and truly gave me the royal treatment! They were all so lovely to be around and let me just say, they are certainly top notch! For my hair, I literally scrolled through a few images on Pinterest, never settling on one single picture and the stylist said she knew exactly what I was looking for. Well, she was spot on! My hair was perfect!

For makeup, I honestly had no clue what I wanted...the makeup artist looked at my outfits and chose the color palette based on those few pieces in addition to my hair, skin, and eye color. She was amazing! The makeup was phenomenal yet still felt light and photographed beautifully.

I won’t lie, the first few poses make you really second guess your quickly realize that you have to make yourself completely vulnerable and let go of all the things that hold on to for comfort and truly trust the process. After a few shots Petra shows you the progress so that you can see the other side of things...once you get past the denial of that being you and how beautiful the images are you really start to relax and then the fun begins! I had such a good time!! I have never felt so beautiful, so comfortable in my own skin!

Fast forward a week, and I had my reveal session...I thought I’d have trouble finding enough images that I would like well enough to fulfill my selections, but it was the absolute opposite. I loved every single picture!!!! I finally saw her!!! I finally looked at an image of myself and saw the person I have been searching for! I broke through so many barriers during my photo shoot with Petra. I finally learned to embrace who I have become. I realized that even as a mature, mother of adult children, I can be fun, beautiful, and spontaneous. I don’t have to be a swimsuit model with zero body fat and flawless skin...I can just be me.

Thank you, Petra, for such an amazing experience! I absolutely cannot wait to get my goodies...and I’m even more excited to share my images with my hubby! This is definitely not something he would have expected me to pursue... and I am certain he will be pleasantly surprised!

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