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What others say about their Boudoir Experience with Petra Novak Boudoir 

Miss "D"


I'm so glad I did this. For weeks before my shoot, I was in full anxiety. I thought several times about canceling because I've always had a very negative body image but once I walk into my shoot, Petra made me feel at ease. Her makeup and hairstylist did an amazing job of transforming me and she did the rest. I just came from previewing my pictures and it literally brought me to tears. I could not believe what she was able to capture. It completely knocked the breathe out of me! I have never been one to brag on myself but I was beautiful and very sexy!! Thank you Petra!! I will never look at myself the same way again!!

Miss "A"


Don’t worry about how you look, what your weight is, or being uncomfortable. Petra makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin and you ARE sexy, you ARE beautiful. Take the photos. You (and your significant other if applicable) will thank you later!

Miss "S"


It was an AMAZING experience! This is something everyone should do at least once! Of course your man will love them, but YOU will also love them. I felt so fierce! The whole time! 100% ! Everybody is beautiful, and even you don’t feel like it- once you see your photos you will realize just how sexy you really are!


Miss "N"

You will not be disappointed! She is such a lovely and pleasant person and so easy going. To the most insecure women out there, there is NO reason to be when you book with Petra! You are Beautiful and she will help you express that! You’ll want to book again!


Miss "J"

I felt beautiful and sexy. It sort of empowered me too. It’s hard to explain. If you’re looking for a boost of owning your body and loving it, this session is for you. When I saw the pictures I couldn’t believe it was me. I was looking at a girl that turned into a courageous, beautiful, “knows what she wants” woman. If that makes sense. I’m not a girly girl at all. This session made me feel special. I see them today and still can’t believe it’s me.

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